The Last Scrap Catalytic Converters Catalogue You’ll Ever Need!

pricesIf there’s one essential item required for running a Catalytic Converter business, it’s this catalogue.Without an up-to-date pricelist that provides you with valuable scrap catalytic converters pricing, you’re going nowhere fast.

Why is it so important to have a good price catalogue?

Think about it: with over 2000 different models of catalytic converters, and with most of them containing different amounts of precious metals, you need a reliable resource. It’s simply not possible to get involved in this business without knowing what are you doing. Having a comprehensive price list is non-negotiable: without it, you simply cannot buy, sell, or process scrap catalytic converters in any way, shape or form. This catalogue gives you what you need to work with catalytic converters, in any capacity.

Why is it so hard to find a price catalogue like this one?


About 99% of the companies who deal with catalysts don’t even reveal their prices! Why? Knowledge is power, and if you don’t know the real value of scrap catalytic converters, you’re more likely to sell them at undervalued prices! That means they win and you lose money.

What’s included in your price catalogue?


exampleYou’ll find buying prices (grades) + photos for over 300 different scrap catalytic converters. All cats are sorted by make and price (grade) for easier use.

You will receive it in zip format, containing 6 PDF and 1 text file. The .txt file contains 6 grades with current prices. Example:

Super Exotics – 220
Exotics – 180
Large – 80
large Medium – 57
Standard – 35
LowGrade – 20
Half LowGrade – 14

The 6 PDF files contains over 300 pics of scrap catalytic converters sorted by make and price (grade). After learning the information from our catalog, you’ll be able to profit by dealing in catalytic converters. Plus, if you are planning to resell the cats to a local buyer or smelter you can now be sure they’re paying you the real prices.

Just click on the picture on the left to see an exmaple of Large Medium Converters:


How long does it take to build this catalog?


You may not know this, but creating such a detailed price catalogue is a very slow process. If you wanted to make your own, you’re looking at a years-long process! That’s mainly because of the wide variety of cats. Two cars of the same make and model can be equipped with different scrap catalytic converters. If you wanted to create your own price catalog, here’s what it would take:

Once you buy a catalytic converter, you’ll need to take the following steps in order to determine the value:

decanning-cats1. Deccaning – means opening the converter in order to separate the ceramic brick from the metal shell.

2. Sampling – take a sample of the ceramic brick.

3. Analyzing – you must analyze the sample via an XRF Analyzer or laboratory analysis.

Only after completing the processes above will you know the value of that catalytic converter and respectively – its buying price. So imagine how many cats you need to buy, sample and analyze to build a comprehensive pricelist. We started in the business in 1999 and processed tens of thousands of scrap catalytic converters and we’re still working hard to complete the list.


How much does it cost?


We are selling our catalogue for as low as 49.

Why you are saying: “as low as 49″?


You are able to recoup your investment in just one day. That’s what our catalogue can do for you by supplying this valuable information.

Lets say you are planning to buy 50 scrap catalytic converters from a local car breaker. When you know the exact buying price on every cat you can make an offer with 10 pounds profit for you on each cat. So here’s the simple math…

50 cats x 10 profit = 500

Now imagine if you buy 500 cats with 20 profit on each of them….

How to buy the catalogue?


To buy our catalogue, simply scroll down the page and click on the ” Buy now” button. You will be redirected to the PayPal checkout page. There, you’ll have the options to pay via Paypal or via your Credit/Debit Card. Once the payment is done, you will be redirected to our download page. If you face any problems during the download, there is no need to worry. Just drop us an email and we will send you the catalogue, directly to your inbox.

Do you offer a refund?


No. We don’t offer a refund simply because we know you’ll immediately appreciate the value of our catalogue.

Do you offer support?


Yes, we do! Once you make your purchase, you can drop us an email and we will help you understand the codes and prices included in the catalog. Plus, by request, we can give you the contact details of the biggest catalytic converters buyers and refineries in Europe.

Special note:

*The prices in this catalogue are in relation of the platinum price on the stock market. If the market price on platinum goes down or up, the price list should be updated accordingly.



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